Organizational Diagnostic

Whether your nonprofit is facing multiple challenges (disengaged board, staff problems, weak fundraising) or preparing for a significant shift in focus, such as a new Executive Director or strategic plan, an Organizational Diagnostic© will help you benchmark your current practices against industry standards and identify strategic changes to improve your work.

"We found the organizational diagnostic to be extremely helpful. It helped us pinpoint our soft spots, so we knew what to look for in our next Executive Director. The assessment was thorough, but not cumbersome."
- James Maynard, 2011 Board Chair, Austin Child Guidance Center

The Greenlights Diagnostic

Our team will work with your board and staff to perform a check-up of 5 core functional areas of your organization to develop a clear picture of where your organization is high performing, where it can use attention, and what to prioritize as you move forward. We will help you create a plan to implement new or improved practices that align with your organizational strategy and build on your previous successes.

The Greenlights Diagnostic© uses the following categories as a framework for gathering and presenting information about your organization:

  • Organizational Purpose & Identity: Who you are as an organization
  • Organizational Leadership: How your board and management team lead and direct
  • Program Strategies: What you do
  • Operations & Support: How you do your work
  • Resource Development: How you attract, manage, and sustain financial resources

The Greenlights Diagnostic Process

We incorporate online surveys, one-on-one interviews, and a comprehensive document review to develop a complete picture of your nonprofit. Over the course of six to eight weeks, Greenlights will meet with the people and get to know the policies and practices that define your organization. With an objective, outside perspective, we'll help you see connections, identify cross-cutting issues and learn how your organization stacks up against nonprofit best practices.

Once we have all the data, we not only provide you with a clear picture of how you operate, but provide key recommendations to build the best organization possible.

For more information about our consulting services, contact Sherry Sybesma, Director of Consulting Services.