Board Summit

Greenlights will not be hosting Board Summit in 2015. We encourage nonprofits looking for new board members, to visit Greenlights' OnBoard. OnBoard features resources for those new to board service, looking to become board leaders, as well as nonprofit staff charged with board development.


Looking for new board members?

Nearly 70% of nonprofits report difficulty recruiting new board members. We know that board recruitment, retention and engagement can be a challenge for many nonprofits. And it all begins with finding the right people to join your board. Now you can post open board seats year-round to find prospective candidates!

OnBoard will help you:

  • Determine who you want (and need) on your board.
  • Find potential board members.
  • Get tips on board recruitment, orientation and assessment.

Or, learn more about Greenlights' Board Development consulting services.

Interested in joining a nonprofit board of directors?

Did you know there are roughly 7,000 empty board seats in Central Texas alone? Nonprofits need talented people like you on their boards of directors. If you've been considering board service - whether to grow your professional network, develop your leadership skills, learn more about nonprofits, or a variety of other reasons - find open board seats in Austin!

OnBoard will help you:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of board members.
  • Learn what to ask before joining a board of directors.
  • Determine what type of cause you’re passionate about.
  • Find open board seats that match your interests.

Nonprofit board service is cited as the single best way to develop leadership skills. Need more convincing? It's good for business too.